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Sierra Cleaners has been in the dry cleaning business in McKinney Texas since 1989. We pay special attention to each garment and use proper cleaning techniques. Sierra Cleaners uses eco friendly dry cleaning machines to clean even the most delicate clothing. Many garments can be damaged by water. Dry cleaning will extend the life of clothing and keep it looking new for longer. After the garment is dry cleaned we hand press it to ensure a new clothing look. Trust Sierra Cleaners to gently handle your delicate garments and formal wear keeping them looking clean and pressed



Dry Cleaning helps to return garments in a “like new” condition without any shrinkage, loss of color, change in texture, or finish.

Dry cleaning will remove perspiration and body oils that lead to discoloring garments, stains, and fabric degradation over time

It is called “dry cleaning” because no water is used to clean the garments. We use an eco-friendly dry cleaning solvent that does not penetrate fabrics like water does and is not harmful to any fabric.

Natural fibers such as silk and wool with shrink when washed in water

Dry cleaning can extend the life of your wardrobe


Sierra Cleaners offers quality laundry service for your cotton dress shirts, jeans, and other garments. We use the starch concentration of your choice (lite, medium, or heavy), and hand press each garment. We keep your laundered items looking bright and feeling crisp. Trust Sierra Cleaners to keep your cotton wear looking pressed and neat. We use the highest quality soap and detergent to make your dirtiest work jeans like new again.


We offer same day laundry services Monday- Friday. As long as the clothes are dropped off by 9AM, they will be ready that same day by 5PM. We will do our best to accommodate any special requests you have on your garments. Please inform the attendant of any special requests you may have.

Stain Removal

Sierra Cleaners has expert staff who inspect each garment for stains and pre-spot garments with proper techniques. We specialize in stubborn stains and use a variety of techniques to remove them. Trust Sierra Cleaners to properly treat your stained garments. If we can’t remove it, no one else can either!


Please notify the attendant of the stain location and what caused the stain. We have a variety of techniques that we can use depending on what caused the stain. We will do our very best to remove the stain from your garment. Sometimes if a garment has been stained for an extended period of time, this process is more challenging


Spot and stains without treatment will oxidize, set, and can become permanent

Never iron a stained garment because this will drive soil deeper into the fabric

Never put up a stained garment especially when a sugar based stain is on it. This can attract insects that will cause clothing damage.


Sierra Cleaners offers the convenience of alteration and clothing repair bundled with the cleaning of the garment. We can do all types of clothing repairs, hemming, waist adjustments, and just about any change to clothing or household items. Trust Sierra Cleaners to give your clothes a fit custom to you.

Dry Cleaning of Household Items

Sierra Cleaners offer dry cleaning for a variety of household items such as comforters, drapes, pillow shams, blankets, and more. Professional cleaning will extend the life of these items and maintain their appearance. Trust Sierra cleaners to keep all of your household items looking their best.

Leather and Suede Cleaning

Sierra Cleaners offer cleaning of all types of leather and suede. These expensive garments can only be cleaned by professional leather cleaner. Protect your investment by having these items cleaned at Sierra Cleaners.

Wedding Gown Cleaning and preservation

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life and the wedding gown worn will be remembered forever. Sierra Cleaners uses environmentally friendly solutions to carefully clean wedding gowns. We offer wedding gown preservation that will keep the memory of your wedding dress for generations. Trust sierra cleaners to keep your dress looking the best on that special day and for years to come.


Sierra Cleaners loves supporting local sports teams, schools, and organizations in McKinney and surrounding cities. We can clean band uniforms, sports jerseys, military uniforms, firefighter uniforms, police uniforms, scrubs and more. Bring us your uniforms today and keep looking sharp while supporting your organization.

Commercial and Corporate Accounts

Sierra Cleaners offers pickup and delivery to all commercial accounts in McKinney, Plano, Frisco, and surrounding cities. This includes hotels, hospitals, health clubs, schools, apartments, and corporate accounts. Contact us today to get more information about our commercial and corporate accounts.

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